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What is this actually personnel service?

A personnel service provider forms the interface between applicants and companies. The services generally include permanent placement, personnel leasing (temporary positions) and personnel consulting.

.mse personal service ag has good contacts with companies that are regularly looking for personnel: The personnel managers of these companies notify us of their vacancies and we try to find suitable candidates. If the person we think is the right one for the job agrees, we propose him/her to the company as a potential employee. If both parties agree, a placement or transfer takes place.

Many personnel service providers specialize either in the placement of permanent positions or in the supply of temporary staff (temporary positions), because the two areas of business are very different in some respects – .mse has experience in both areas. Applicants benefit from this flexibility: we network within the company and profit from the know-how of each individual.

Will it cost anything if I get placed?

No. Applicants never have to pay anything for us to place them. Even if the placement is successful, whether for a permanent position or a temporary job, there are no costs for the candidates. These are borne by the employer, i.e. the company where you start work.

Why are there industry subdivisions at .mse personal service ag?

It has proven successful to have the individual occupational groups looked after by specialized employees. This means that all our customer and HR consultants are experts in their respective fields. They know exactly what is important in their industry and what qualifications applicants need to have. With the help of industry-specific questionnaires, personal interviews and their know-how, our experts get a picture of the skills of the applicants and compare the results with the requirements of the advertised jobs.

How is .mse related to Trenkwalder?

In 2006, .mse became part of the Trenkwalder Group and has since been a subsidiary of Trenkwalder Group AG. In 2015, the Trenkwalder branch in Geneva, Switzerland, was integrated into .mse. Both companies, .mse Liechtenstein and .mse Switzerland, are subsidiaries of Trenkwalder International AG. Visible to the outside world through the logo addition “A Trenkwalder Company”.

What is the meaning of .mse abbreviation?

“mse” stands for “More Service Decides” (in German) and dates back to the time when company founder Herbert Baumgartner moved the company to Liechtenstein. At that time, it was mainly assembly work that was carried out by .mse employees.

Staff Leasing

What happens after I apply to .mse?

If you have applied to us for an advertised position, we will contact you within 48 hours. During this time, we will review your documents and check whether you are suitable for the position. If you have sent us a speculative application, we will check whether there is a customer inquiry that matches your qualifications.

When we first contact you, we want to know first and foremost what you have done in your career to date. We ask you specific questions about the skills that are important in your career field. This enables us to determine very precisely which positions suit you – after all, you should be able to make the best possible use of your skills in your future workplace.

Once we have found what you are looking for, we contact you and inform you about the positions we can offer you. Only after you have given your consent do we propose you to our customer as a possible employee.

If our client also agrees with the proposal, we will hire you and you can start working within a few days. You will have a contact person in our company who will take care of your work documents and help you with any questions you may have. You can find even more information here.

Do I have to accept the offered position?

You decide which job offers you accept and which you do not. We make every effort to suggest suitable assignments to you. If you still don’t like the offer, we’ll keep looking until we’re successful.

How long does a work assignment last?

Depending on the customer’s order situation, an assignment may take longer or shorter. There are customers who only need to cover a personnel bottleneck of a few days or weeks. But it is just as common for our employees to work for the same customer for several months and even many years. At our annual anniversary celebration, we honor those employees who have been with us for 5, 10, 15 or even 20 years. And there are quite a few of them.

What do I do when an assignment is over?

When a work assignment comes to an end because the job is done and the customer has no more work for you, we immediately look for a new assignment for you. Most of the time we know some time in advance how long an assignment will take and can plan the next assignment for you in advance. In this way, one assignment often flows seamlessly into the next.

If we are unable to find a new assignment for you right away, your right to standing time will apply. Standing time is the period of time for which we are legally obligated to continue employing you after a work assignment. Even if you do not perform any work during this time, you will be paid. Depending on the country of assignment, the standing time can last up to several days. During this time, we will intensively search for a new assignment for you.

If, despite everything, we are unable to find a new assignment for you, we will have to deregister you, subject to the agreed notice period. However, our efforts to find you do not end there. We are of course interested in continuing to use your skills with our customers. Therefore, we will try to find a new position for you and keep you regularly informed about the current situation.

Who pays my salary and when is it transferred?

.mse as your employer pays your wages. We transfer your money on time between the 10th and 15th of each month. The exact date depends on how many wages our payroll clerks have to process each time. It also depends on when you send us your time sheets.

In Switzerland and Liechtenstein, or in the case of salaried employees, we pay the salary on the 5th of the month at the latest.

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